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How To Find Prospect Pains In Sales

find prospects pains in sales

This video is a live role-play about how you ask questions, link to pains in particular that you solve in the prospecting journey

Hi, I’m Matt Elwell of the Elite Closing Academy. This video is a live roleplay about how you ask questions, link to pains in particular that you solve in the prospecting journey. These are not questions I’m going to ask when I’m closing, I’m doing it when I’m selling. In the prospecting journey remember selling, is asking powerful questions linked to pains that they may have that your products or services overcome and what were gonna do were gonna go straight into roleplay, and let me give you some context.

This is made up so David is a business owner and he’s in denial. Okay, so he’s going “I’m quite good at Sales and were closing quite good”, but actually if he ever looked at his numbers, the truth is money is a bit tight they’re not closing as much as they should be. Remember, this is all made up and he’s kind of in a bit of denial. It’s, I’m good at sales is the standard mindset. So he’s heard me speak in a bit its kind of intrigued, but he’s in denial. He’s not bought the two days training initially and he’s walked towards my stand. I’m going to get any to come towards my stand, but he’s still in ours he’s still like he’s, a good salesman. Please come towards my stand I’m gonna demonstrate how I ask questions around problems and pains to do with Davids business now just read mind he’s in a bit of denial, she’s gonna be a bit abrupt. He’s gonna be initially a little bit like am I being sold to. This happens all the time so Davids comes towards me, hi, how you been I’m, Matt, I’m, very good, wonderful thanks so much for coming over mush and what did you like about my talk? How do you think I could possibly help you well that’s what I wanted?

How could you possibly help me a great question at this stage on no idea, I don’t know enough about your business, so let me ask you a better question when it comes to your sales process and, in particular, closing more deals, whats, your biggest challenge right now, pause. The reason why I asked that question is because I didnt want to ask a general what you think is changing your business, because that is a dangerous question to me, because I’m not an expert in marketing I’m, not an expert in YouTube I’m, not an expert in, Like loads of stuff, nearly everything what I am an expert in is closing so you notice the first question: I ask its called a P P Q, its a prospecting, question with pain and it qualifies okay, so I’m gonna ask it again thanks for coming over David. Let me ask you a question when it comes to your sales process. I’m bothered by the first question asked was a bit general. What can I possibly do to help you just to open the conversation, but the moment he answered now, I’ve got to get focused, so I frame what I’m amazing at by asking a powerful question, that’s linked to closing which is what I do so that’s the first part of the question that Davids asked is: how do we ask questions, link to pain, and this is the first thing you must do not ask general questions, asked honed framed questions, so I’m going to go back into the wrong plane.

Firstly, thank you. So much for coming over when it comes to your sales process and, in particular, closing deals. What’s your biggest challenge right now give you people over the line. Thank you. Getting people over the line be challenged understand while getting people in the door of the first myth pause. So now I have to now just so everybody knows the first time somebody answers you, a question like that: they’ll often have what we call a deferred truth in it, so it will be truthful and your yours was getting people over the line. I think yeah. Okay, thank you. What else is such a powerful because it came after think, wilds. The most salespeople go in on the first thing, so I’m going to give you an example of terrible showing okay here’s an example that tumbles it. So when it comes to your sales process, in particular close in whats, your biggest challenge right now getting people over we see we’ve got a product about getting people over the line, and let me tell you what you get so you come to our to no training and at the to Die train, it will tell you exactly how to get so.

These are called features and benefits sales and this is what people do the moment: they get a glimmer, just a scintilla of light, and then salespeople jump all over and it doesn’t feel good, and this is exactly the same. So this is what you need to be armed with Wiles. So the first answer was getting people over the line. Thank you. I understand that getting people over the line is a challenge that’s me confirming that I understand its empathy, okay and with these good, but not too much it’s good at this stage right. Well, you know I’ve got to now look what I do with the turn. So, first, thank you for giving those two answers out of getting somebody over the line and getting leads in the first place out of those two which one bothers you the most getting. Probably so now I’m going to get this out the way and I’m gonna focus on getting them over the line which, interestingly it’ll need to close it. So now I know that this is some kind of problem for David. The business owner is approaching me now. I’ve got to do before doing the features of benefits on this. I’ve got an understanding, so at this stage, I’m not looking to close David now, I’m now looking to hone in and punting there’s really importance that enables me to understand the truth. I don’t want to use any assumptions. I don’t want to use generalization.

I don’t want to use presumption, because if I presume to know what your business is challenged by, if I presume to know or assume that I could answer all of your problems without ever understanding your problems, howdy things for make, you feel good the moment, people try and assume, or Presume to know us that’s when there’s a problem so let’s get back on it. So thank you again let’s throw that one away. Thank you for sharing this. When you say getting, people over the line is something you’d like to work on. Yeah um give me some context how many people are you getting over the line now good five a month right. So this is called data, helpful data so for them what’s the average sale price, 20 grand, right so you’re doing a hundred grand a month. Welcome, that’s, really cool. Where would you like it to be 253, all right so let’s work on the? What not the worst-case let’s go on to 50, so you now believe you’re leaving 150 a month on the table.

You were taking you I’m, not getting them over the line. You see I’m totally now understanding the problem. Now I’ve got 150 grand a month problem. I need to times up my 12 immediately so 150 times 12, if a times it by 10, it’s 1 5 times by he’s, leaving 1 8 million a year I’m not being able to get people over the line. Now I haven’t just told him that I’ve asked him about it and now, for the first time, hes running his pattern, going hmm that’s a lot more than a thought. So when He first says: Im leaving 150 grand a month from the time I go thanks for sharing that the truth is that’s. Actually, 1 8 million pounds a year. How long have you had the problem last two years? Okay, so now weve got a three point: six million pound problem. Let me ask you a question around urgency. How quickly will you like to get this 3 6 million pound problem sorted well, Im actually waiting for a couple of deals to come through and we actually have brigs. One of my biggest clients is actually waiting for exit to stop and now weve

Got a delay on this again, so I can’t do anything to break that sorta know. I appreciate that and more concern about Briggs it is. It could go on forever, so Im gon na cook, something in the mix on two-day trainings 497 pounds was about even if it just knocked 10 % of that problem down its the greatest decision. You’ve ever made. How many of you stuffed you want to get booked on in November? Well, it’s just me at the moment, itll be putting anybody else on it awesome, so I don’t want you to miss out. I don’t mean to talk about 3 6 million per year problem. My price is just four nine: seven plus ba tea for two days, what’s a 16-digit cost your card and I’ll get your book top. Okay, well, yeah. I need to run this pass. My wife was the financial director correct, so this stage he’s owning tonight just found out the

Investment of a mummy so Im not expecting him to go beliefs. Now what I would say if I meet somebody with a problem, this big, if I don’t let him walk away from in there with a problem that big, I really feel like. I wouldnt be serving him properly, so I am in this instance. I am gonna make sure that Davids super clear that there’s an opportunity to solve this. Okay. However, if he does stick to the line that he’s only just found out, my price and he’s got really involved: he’s other business partner, Im; okay with that Im totally okay with that, oh really, oh, so, Im gonna carry on, but first I want to. I want to say thank you for sharing everything, you’ve shared. Of course you got to speak to you busy spotless, so while you’re on I’m just going to send this to you now – and this is gonna – be a one-page email with a couple of visuals of my to die, trying it its gonna be called a written proposal. Okay, whats your email address Im going to pin this over so that youve got all the information and you can send it to your Business partner get your phone out so now that what I do is Ill make David a written proposal just telling when youve got it yeah yeah right, youve got it and hes now got a written proposal, so hes got where it is whats gon na happen. How much it is location everything else, its gone Im asking him questions around pain. This is a big problem, so David now youve got all the information yeah just help me understand what else would Your busy department need to see that’s not on that email for her to say, go for it, its going to be the best few hundred quid whoevers been. How often do you run this? I run the monthly and we have a maximum of 40 seats. So what else you need to know that’s, cable Tom? What can you give me now its just save a space, and you can go mind speak to your business partner. We can lock down the rest later, yeah Ill. Add runner talk to them. First, Great port, so at this stage weve only just met Ive. Only just given him a written proposal. Dont want to grow. Mold of his throat put the foot on him. I dont because look the guys got a 3 6 million pound here problem and he needs what I do so I his Im gon na leave it right so lets lock down.

Oh, I believe this is Urgent, what do you think yeah Id like to get 10 years? It needs to be handled immediately. One. Is you dont care? What would you give yourself good eye, so my concern is: if you dont handle this. Are you guys on for another year, you leaving over five million on the table that’s a lot of them so now that we know its serious? How long would you and your business partner need to decide whether a few hundred quid was worth saving you for a minute? Well, we have a meeting on Tuesday, so Anytime, soon after its use, there we go – or I can call you at 6:30 on the evening or 8:15 on Wednesday morning, which one suits you best Wednesday, Martha right. So Im gon na send you a Google Calendar there to lock that in and there’s a couple of the questions I asked at you earlier just want to confirm during that meeting. What can I give you other than what youve got there could be some videos you? What do you need from me so you’re Parma system lets go well.

What sort of success have you had with other people? What fabulous question um massive success? On average I increased peoples business by 64 % in sales over a 12-month period Wow. Do you think I believe I was born to do this and Ive been in sales? Since was 15, my Academy is 16 month old and my business partners been in this industry for 10 years, whilst unique. Where could I see some testimonials on my landing page im gon na send you that now www alessonaday org there’s some videos on there. If you need to speak to anybody, just come back to me, my PA will hook you up not problem. Whilst you need no that’s pretty much it yeah, we can go on with using amazing look forward to speak to you, then, just before you go. Who else do you know right now who needs what we do there’s a couple of people in mind, but Id rather go through it myself? First, so that I know Ill put that on the email.

Check a little bit too much okay, so really powerful selling is asking the right questions that are linked, pains and problems that your service or product solves yeah, that’s the power of selling – and I think so many people get this wrong. So many salespeople just talk and tell and do features and benefits, and actually they never understand because they never ask what the problem is now by the way, I actually believe That, if you had a 3 6 million pound problem for real, I think there’s a very good chance that one stars answering those questions. What has prepared me to speak to other people that would have gained enough trust for you to and then here’s the point. Don’t worry about it if you’ve got a point, one full of people on David who are at different stages of the prospecting cycle that I’ve got to go another meeting, a board of directors speak to a business, but whatever it might be as long as you’re

Keeping that pipeline flowing, they will pop up all the time as yeah I’ve had the conversation with my business partner were in close move on to the next one, so having a fluid pipeline is critical and what David and I’ve just done. There was me following my plant system asking questions around pain, urgency needs and quantifying via measurable amounts problems, so getting data that was measurable once you have that follow the System lock, ban having a positive clean point line its critical to a business and, in fact the biggest threat to SMEs to experts to investors is relying on just one or two opportunities and when your pipeline dries up it’s like being in a desert with no water. You’re going to find a lot of problems, so, if you find during your prospecting journey that asking powerful questions is difficult which it can be, I understand you have to do it in the right way, with the right tonality and from a position of love where you’re really trying to understand Pains and problems so that you can solve them at a later date, if you’re, finding that difficult comment in the box below that’s what its there for. Let me I might um, have a look, and this lets see if we can put together some questions specifically to help you and structure some questions that enable you to get really helpful information at the beginning of the journey so that later down the line, the clothes Is effortless

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