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Live Training

We offer monthly professionally accredited (IAPC&M) sales and closing training to sales teams and individuals all around the world at our Training Centre here in Solihull.

The Training Centre

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Built in July 2021 to host our in-house trainings, the Training Centre holds up to 42 people and is equipped with state of the art sound systems, microphones and projectors.

Free on-site parking is available for all attendees, and we make special accommodations for those with physical limitations. Just contact the team (hello@eliteclosingacademy.com) and let them know of any help you need. We’ll be sure to take care of your needs.

Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator

Want to nail a reliable and repeatable sales process in just one day?

At the fully accredited Sales Accelerator training, you’ll get a day of intensive training with Matt Elwell and the Elite Closing Academy team here at ECA HQ, where you’ll create a bespoke sales process for converting existing leads into paying customers.

You’ll also get an insight into the formula that will help you overcome objections, use language to ask powerful questions and understand the role of natural human behaviour in sales.

This training is for you if you ever find yourself:

Lacking structure, certainty and confidence in sales

A feeling of dread or fear consumes you before entering into a sales conversion

Getting stumped by common objections

Whether that's "I'm busy", "I've got no money", or "I need to speak to my partner"

Never hearing back from your prospects

And even having them AVOID your calls and texts…

Lacking a repeatable & dependable sales process

Instead, just ‘winging it’ and finding each situation messy and complex

Unsure of how/when to transition from selling to closing

You've served and sold, but when it comes to asking for the money...you just can't CLOSE

Perfect for: anyone wanting to finesse their sales process in just 1 day with the help of sales & closing experts to make sure they’re getting it right.

Sales and Closing Certification

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Are you a business owner that wants a detailed 5 step formula to plug into your business to start making sales? 

When you join us for the 3 day Sales and Closing Certification, not only will you cover the full spectrum of the Elite Closing Formula, but you’ll be practising it LIVE in the room. 

Plus, we’ll lay out everything in order and sequence so you know how to put your learnings to use in the most effective way. 

The 5 step formula covers:

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1. Foundation

Processing the ECA philosophy and understanding why it’s completely different to any other methodology of selling.

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2. Mindset

Being prepared before each sales interaction so you’re in the best mindset to achieve the best possible result.

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3. Language

Learning what to say so you can fully understand your prospects’ pain and connect this to your product/service.

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4. Technique

Deep dive into 3 Elite techniques, that when mastered and utilised on a day-to-day basis, will help you to close more sales.

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5. Scripts

Use all of your knowledge from the 3 days to create your very own personalised scripts to utilise in your future sales conversations.

You’ll walk into the Sales and Closing Certification feeling like you’ve been winging it for years and walk out with a trusty step-by-step process that will help you start making sales – immediately!

Perfect for: Business owners who want to close more sales without stress, worry or uncertainty.

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