Helping you turn more of your leads into paying customers.

The Elite Closing Academy is for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams who want to dramatically increase their sales without coming across as hard sell, pushy or manipulative.

The ECA is all about increasing the conversion rate of your current (and future) pool of prospects – it’s NOT about getting you more sales through increasing marketing budgets and lead flow!

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Open With A Close: The Twelve Point Guide To Closing More Sales

This book is the result of 18 months of teaching, research, writing and a whole lifetime of action.

After helping countless businesses revolutionise their sales processes up and down the UK I finally gave in and summarised it all into one book.

‘Open With A Close’ is a skeleton system that gives you the foundations, shows you the way, and allows you to make it your own.

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Let’s be honest, how much more money would you have made if you’d closed every prospect you’d ever spoken to?

For most people, it’s tens of thousands, for some it’s hundreds of thousands, and for others, it’s literally millions!

Now, closing every prospect is a bit of a stretch, but what about an increase of 30%-70%? Big numbers right?!

Not only that, there are people out there who desperately need you, your products, and your services. It’s your duty to serve them by mastering this skill.

The Elite Closing Academy is THE PLACE where ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners learn how to close with the best in the business.

Every single month our members get training, development, and coaching on how to serve, sell, and close, at an elite level.

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The Elite Closing Academy was founded by Matthew Elwell and Nick James. Matthew exited the seven figure family business he created to explore pastures new – he didn’t know how, but he knew he had a gift when it comes to sales, that could help serve the business owners of the world.

It was after contacting an old friend he’d not seen for a while (Nick James) that his new career would start to form.

Nick is the CEO and Founder of Expert Empires and has a history of building seven-figure businesses in the expert space. He is sought after globally for his expertise when it comes to running live events and scaling businesses to seven figures and beyond.

When they met for a beer and a chat in Earlswood (just outside of Birmingham, UK) it became apparent Matthew could add huge value to Nick’s business.

After consulting with Nick and training his sales team for a few weeks and (to date) adding £1.3m to his business, what turned out as a consulting relationship, ended in the start of something special.

In July 2018, Matthew and Nick created the Elite Closing Academy to help all business owners achieve the results Nick had experienced from Matt’s extremely unique and heartfelt approach to serving, selling and closing.

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