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Meet Matt Elwell

Director of the Elite Closing Academy, Sales Trainer & Coach, Author of ‘Open With A Close’ and Public Speaker Matt Elwell is currently on a mission to change the way the world sells, to help business-owners get quick wins, gain more clients from their existing leads and grow their business.

Matt has 22 years’ experience as an entrepreneurial business owner. His sales career has ranged from cold-calling to successfully negotiating multi six/seven figure contracts in the UK and America.

In 2017, Matt turned his attention to sharing his understanding of sales and human psychology to help people sell effortlessly with integrity, by following a process involving human-to-human communication.

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This framework is now helping coaches, speakers, trainers, property developers, professional salespeople and trade & care providers to dramatically grow their businesses in 19 different countries across the world, from start-ups to multi 6 and 7 figure businesses, and everything in between!

In August 2018, Matt co-founded the Elite Closing Academy with Nick James, which has since grown from zero to a seven-figure business.

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Matthew Elwell and Nick James co-founded the Elite Closing Academy in August 2018, as a place for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams to dramatically increase their sales without coming across as pushy or manipulative.

Matt always knew that he had a gift when it came to sales, and he knew that he could use this gift to serve other business owners. 

So, in August 2017, he left his 7-figure family business and got in touch with an old friend, Nick James.

Nick is the CEO and Founder of Expert Empires, and has a history of building seven-figure businesses in the expert space. He is sought after globally for his expertise when it comes to running live events and scaling businesses to seven figures and beyond.

They went for a beer and a chat and it became apparent that Matt could add huge value to Nick’s business.  

After consulting with Nick, training his sales team for a few weeks and adding £1.3m to his business through having conversations with unconverted leads, what started out as a consulting relationship ended in the start of something special.

In July 2018, Matt and Nick created the Elite Closing Academy to help all business owners achieve the results Nick had experienced from Matt’s extremely unique and heartfelt approach to serving, selling and closing.

And the rest is history!

We now offer professional accredited (IAPC&M) sales and closing training, coaching and mentoring packages to sales teams and individuals all around the world.

Every single month, our members get training, development and coaching on how to serve, sell and close at an Elite level.

Our Philosophy

There are so many businesses that are struggling right now. Which is frustrating, because they have incredible products and services that can make the world a better place and really help people.

They’re struggling because they simply can’t convert prospects into paying customers.

In 2017, Matt created a 3-step system, and he’s been teaching business leaders the 3 steps to serve, sell and close to dramatically increase the number of sales they make in business ever since.

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Not understanding the ‘serve, sell, close cycle’ is the biggest fundamental flaw most businesses have, and they don’t even know it exists!

Let me explain…

Too Much Serving 

These businesses give an incredible amount of value, but they’re reluctant to tell their audience about their products and services. Consequently, they don’t make the sales they should, and therefore their businesses are unsustainable.

Too Much Selling

These businesses provide little or no value before asking for the sale. They rush into the sales conversation, a bit like a bull in a china shop (you know the ones!)

Can’t Close

This is the most common and also the easiest to solve, because these businesses have already served and sold. They’ve got everything lined up and in place, but when it comes to the crunch, that moment where you have to ask for the money… they just CAN’T CLOSE!

So, people are leaving money on the table left, right, and centre (and under it too!)


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