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3 Steps To Successfully Sell Face To Face

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In this, video we’re going to look at how to sell face to face and the three things that you must do. Every single time!

Hi, I’m, Matt Elwell of the Elite Closing Academy, and in this video were going to look at the three things to sell face to face that you must do every single time. Many many many many many people ask me. How do I sell face to face?

One thing that served me beautifully all my career, actually since I was knocking on doors in the city of Birmingham as a 17-year old cold calling, the first thing you must always do when you’re face to face is ensure that the person that’s at the other side is a decision-maker. You must qualify the person that you are speaking to can make decisions wherever possible. Now, for those of you that work in much bigger organizations, corporate world right, don’t worry about it, its people and people, the human to human.

If you’re in a bigger business there are times where sitting in front of a decision-maker at the beginning of the journey is much more difficult than you’ve got to speak to influencers, you’ve got to speak to. That’s all good and again the same applies to make sure that the person sitting behind the desk is extremely important and wherever possible, the decision-maker that is the key thing. The second thing that must happen is the opposite to nearly 90 % of what I say is less telling and talking.

And showing a much more asking understanding and listening, so the second part of face-to-face sales is very much about having a system that you can follow and make it all about, then make it all about what they need from you. What they have seen or heard about your product or service that, when implemented in their business, gets them something. The way you do that is by asking not telling.

There are times where it’s important for you to share information, the features, the benefits, how long it is, whats the investment of money, what’s the investment of time. Of course, you have to have that aspect of the sale in your locker, and the way you do that is to make it about them, by asking not telling, here’s a great example.

Meeting and greeting

What information would you need from me so that you can make an informed decision?

That’s how you sell not; let me tell you about what you’re gonna get and then start rattling off features and benefits. Because you only have to say one feature or one benefit that they’re not actually looking for and they’re out. Just remember the one thing that the person sitting across the desk from you has got going on inside their brain is “what’s in this for me?” that’s what employers are thinking all the time what’s in it for me? how does this help,? But what result am I gonna get? that’s what they’re thinking!

About all the time and the moment you are not relevant to that answer. They’re out! You must watch out for that. So, qualify then once you’ve asked them lots of powerful questions around pain, urgencies, needs, trust, gathered helpful information, you’re about to transition into the third aspect of face-to-face sales, but there’s one thing you must do first after you’ve got all that information before you’ve made them a written proposal. You have to make a decision whether or not you believe that making a written proposal and considering working together seriously should happen next and that’s, where you transition into the third thing that you must have on every face-to-face sale. That is a beautiful little word QUALIFY.  Make it all about them and then decide whether or not business opens or not at all.

So before a written proposal, you’ve got to be quite comfortable, saying, hey! Thank you so much for sharing all that information. The truth is, I don’t think I can help you. I don’t think I can get the result you’re looking for, and introduce somebody else, promote somebody else’s business that you trust, and then take them out of your line. There is no point trying to turn a mackerel into a tuna fish you’re not going to sell it to the tuna fish fishermen. So if it doesn’t fit toss it out and your job and every time you’re face to face qualify, you’re talking to something that needs you that have the authority to decide to make it all about them find out exactly what they need and if, at the end of that information, you believe you’re a good match transition into how I believe from what you’ve told me were a great match. What do you think? Yes, I think brilliant, so here’s, what’s gonna happen next I’m gonna put together a written proposal for you to consider who else is involved?

Open with a Close Book - Matt Elwell
Open with a Close Book – Matt Elwell

The decision-making process

How long does it take? What information would you need from me other than what you’ve got now? So you can make an informed decision and the next time we speak, we can move ahead? It is really powerful. You can go hey, This is perfect. I have a three-day training or I have a program or I have a system that’s gonna get you the benefit and the result you need right now from what you’ve told me, what information do you need to know, so we can get it nailed and move Forwards that? Is exactly how you sell qualify then and us or not at all, and that happens before a written proposal and that’s how you sell face to face.

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