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How To Start A Conversation When Networking

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In this video, we’re going to look at the number one thing that you can do to start a conversation when you’re networking and it’s going to be different from anything you’ve ever heard before.

Hi, I’m Matt Elwell from Elite Closing Academy, in this video were going to look at the number one thing that you can do to really engage in the conversation when you’re networking. The very first time I went networking I was absolutely gobsmacked. It was only about three years ago gobsmacked at just how many people just BOOM! and tell you their story. Everything I’m about to tell you right now is the opposite of what everybody else does and that’s actually the reason why it works, the number one thing you must do when you’re networking before you get there is get the super super super plan on your outcome of going to the networking meeting.

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So this is before you get there just before you get there ask yourself this question: What is my outcome? When you get super clear on that, that’s when you can really implement.

One thing when you get there that you have to do…. so there are two phases to this phase:

Number One: Before you get there ask yourself “What’s my outcome?” My strongest reason for being there now. For example: If it was me, I would be looking to find as many people in the room that need what I do, so that I can serve as many people and teach them how to sell and close. The only way I can find that out is by asking a question. So the first and foremost is I’ve got to be super clear on my outcome of being there so now I’m looking for people that need what I do. So when you get to the networking meeting as you walk through the door, you must make sure that you’re armed with what I call a PPQ, a prospect in plain question. So a question that when answered qualifies that the person is just answered, it might possibly need what you do. So here’s the advantage –  It saves you time, cuts to the quick and when delivered sort of in a way where you’ve been genuine. It’s a question that enables them to answer: It really gets everything started and opens up a possible door.

So if I walk into a room, or when I walk into a room of networkers, I won’t ask a question as such, rather than “hey, what’s your name?” I will start with “hey I’m Matt” ‘then pause’ (By the way, that breaks just about every single piece of my training breaks) All the rules, because I’m always looking to make it about them, just bear with me on this…. So I’m gonna start with what we call a frame, I’m gonna frame who I am and what I stand for so I’m gonna set my intention right upfront. So I’m gonna start again: “hey I’m, Matt, I’m international class at closing deals” that’s my frame now. I want to get straight into a question that when answered, would bring them towards me as a qualified client, so…. “hi I’m Matt, I’m international class” Thats the frame here comes the question……. “Let me ask you a question, when it comes to your sales process and in particular, closing deals, what’s your biggest challenge right now?” That’s it it’s just ask a really powerful question.

Now, I’m gonna roll I’m role playing with myself right now, so I’m gonna continue this roleplay so that you can hear what actually happens at this point, so you’ll either get a bit of a giggle. Oh, great question is the kind of thing you’ll hear and then often not say. “Yeah well we’re okay at sales, but if we could get a bit more help”, it would be finding out who to speak to so straightaway that answered a question that’s linked to what I dont link to my outcome and its linked to a possible pain. They might have and that instantly Its quantification we’re looking to qualify prospects.

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All the time. Remember when you’re networking it’s full of cold prospects, people that don’t exactly know what you do and you don’t know much about. The whole point of this is a powerful question. Lets link to what you do when answered brings them towards you on a role-playing this again: hi I’m Matt I’m international class at teaching people how to sell and close deals. Let me ask you a question: when it comes to your sales process and in particular, closing deals, what should we get changed right now? That’s how you create I come towards now let’s just carry on the role play and the prospect says: yeah look we’re all right sales, but we could always do a bit of help with closing, I’ve got brilliant thanks, Pat, and what help do you need specifically?

Now, I’m entering into a conversation where I’m gonna learn, make it all about them, and we’re gonna understand exactly what they might need from a trainer, and this is where I would now progress only if my answer in a way where it’s clear that I can help them. I’m gonna progress into my punt with a Q prospecting strategy, pain, urgency, need trust and qualitative information, so I’ll be asking questions around those things. If somebody came towards me.

I hope that makes it really clear so, the next time you go networking think about what question you can ask that when answered makes it very clear that the person or the business that’s answering might possibly need what you do.

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