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How to Start a Conversation in Sales

how to start a conversation in sales

In this video we’re going to look at how to start a conversation in sales

Hi, I’m, Matt Elwell of the Elite Closing Academy, and today, I’m going to share with you a beautiful little two-letter word that, when implemented into your questions, starts sales conversations like never before. Today we’re going to look at a beautiful little word 2 letters that when utilized start

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amazing sales conversations, so the literal word, get your pen and paper is the little word called, “If” and what is amazing about it is that it pretend, when you go into the if world its pretend and you fire up a part of the human beings brain where recollection lives, where imagination is, where visualization lives, and by the way as a salesperson you must have this in your locker. What I love about, if, as well you have to challenge yourself to come up with some great if questions so you’re stretching your thinking, it takes 12 hours to go rustling, and actually the truth is international class sales require you to stretch your thinking to be able to open your prospects.

Think into what might possibly happen in the future so let’s look at some ‘if’ questions and let’s look at how immediately if takes you into a pretend world,

“If I could show you a way to increase your sales conversions and, in particular, to close more deals, what’s the first thing we’d need to talk about?”

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That is an example of how, if can open your prospects link into a point where, when they answer the question, they will hit on their problem, their challenge, that’s linked to what you do think about the question. “If there was a way that I could show you how to improve your sales and increase, closing deals, what’s the first thing that we need to talk about to make it happen?” that is so powerful, and again, I want to challenge you right now. If you’ve got a team or if you’re a salesperson on your own, how often do you ask a question that fires up imagination that, when answered links, you’d, have been a possible solution to a problem that they may or may not have in a pretend world where, if leads, if is really powerful place to be, if we could Involve the worlds greatest X Y Zed, who would we need to involve to solve a problem for you or to get an even better result with your X Y Zed, again all the time you’re looking to ask questions the open of the imagination of your prospect and allow them to really challenge internally what they think they actually need to solve.

The problem that they’ve got there’s a very, very, very, very powerful aspect to prospecting to having closing questions your sales process, if is a part of the brain where the future actually doesn’t exist, and it opens up the imagination, so I’m gonna challenge you right now how many, if questions, can you and your team ask right now and look, a great way to do this is to roleplay, like I’ve just done with you just giving you two if questions. If there was one thing right now that me and you needed to talk about in your sales process, that, when answered, got you an even better result and increase conversions. What would it be? You see how that question is totally and utterly how you should sell when you’re asking really powerful questions and your prospect is in choice to choose how they answer it: that’s when you’re controlling the sale and that’s why this particular video when mastered in your sales team, will create so many opportunities will create so much information that’s helpful to you in your sales process.

It’s actually unbelievable, if is the key question write it down. How many questions can you ask, let’s start with if in your sales process if you enjoyed that video about the power of if questions then make sure you subscribe to the channel, if you’ve got a team, make sure they subscribe too? Crucially, ping, their notification belt, so you can get all the free training and check out all the other videos. Thank you.

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