8 Essential Sales Discovery Questions

While interacting with many of the sales professionals in our workshop, one of the repetitive questions I came across is on the discovery questions. Opportunities will knock on your door at any moment, the best we can do to reap the benefit is to be ready. The flow of the questionnaire is not pre-decided and […]

5 powerful sales lessons from “how to win friends & influence people”

5 powerful sales lessons from how to win friends and influence people At one point in our sales career, we will encounter the name of the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie captured the region as a national leader for the firm he worked for. He then later […]

Powerful ways to sell in the Post-Covid Environment

Powerful Ways to sell in the Post-COVID Environment Sales and marketing teams can take a company so far, sales leaders can manage the team, and sales teams can keep key customers and prospect new clients. But for business leaders, they sometimes know this is not enough alone to put them at a competitive advantage. We […]