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5 powerful sales lessons from how to win friends and influence people

5 powerful sales lessons from how to win friends and influence people

At one point in our sales career, we will encounter the name of the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie captured the region as a national leader for the firm he worked for. He then later started Public speaking teaching people how to make connections. He uploaded his insights and ideas, now a classic and a must-read for every individual How to win friends and influence people.

Carnegie’s lessons are still relevant today especially when it comes down to developing sales skills. He emphasizes the factors essential to building relationships. This led to the very foundation of his sales lessons: the first chapter in the life of every sales professional. Dale Carnegie’s first book is a timeless bestseller, packed with rock-solid advice that has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

Elite Closing Academy uses the foundation from this classic book and teaches to improvise on the skills. In this article, we handpicked a few lessons out of 30 lessons from the book which will stay relevant for the next 100 years in the area of sales. We all need to stay ahead of the game in sales as the way people are influenced is ever changing in this competitive modern age.

Guideline 1: “Arouse in the other person an eager want.”

Brand Champions

This talks about the importance of creating organic Brand champions by developing relationships. Relations developed by a very sincere marketing approach will help us to attract more opportunities through natural ways for example marketing through word of mouth. It’s a natural tendency of humans that When you have built a relationship with someone, you want to tell others about the good they’ve done. People always support your family or a close friend. Think of the same concept for a brand that engages with the audience through emails, calls and provides them support whenever is needed. It is human nature to naturally connect with some people be it socially or in business. The key is to resonate with our fellow humans.

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Guideline 2: “Become genuinely interested in other people.”

Leads to Conversion

This is the major struggle in sales to convert the potential leads. Whereas the identifications of leads consist of the business motives and Customer’s requirement. Its conversion includes the trust and genuine desire to build that trust. Trust is built when a customer is convinced that their best interests exceed the business’ best interests.

Therefore trust-building is an important aspect of sales. This also lays the foundation of repeat business, very essential for any kind of business. A lot of this could seem common sense but we sometimes become more focused on selling than the natural process of human interaction.

To inhibit the tactics of engagement from the very first day of sales thus is the major focus of Elite Closing academy.




open with a close book

Guideline 3: “Throwdown a challenge”

The combat mode

“Want to excel in X days” ..challenges like this grabs the attention of the audience. even if the user is not related to the tagline, it will make him think about the plausibility of it. Throwing a challenge in the market not only lets you garner the interest of your audience but also of your competitors. It is helpful if we keep the challenge as a way to demonstrate the abilities of the product or the service. Also displaying some kind of numbers in the challenge helps the users to get a feasible idea. People want to excel and if your product and service is helping them to achieve this, there is nothing better than this

Ultimately, it’s playing with the psychology of your audience with the marketing stuff. It all depends on the person who is approaching the customers with such challenges. Again effective relationship building comes into the picture.

Sales Training

Guideline 4: Give honest and sincere appreciation

There is no value of honesty and sincerity in this world and the same stands with skills in Sales. Appreciation for an effort builds trust and motivates people to put more effort into achieving the goal. It won’t result in an immediate conversion of leads but at least now you have an acquaintance who knows about your honesty and sincerity. It will keep you on top of the mind recall of your customers if any requirement based on your services comes up to them. There is always room for self improvement!

Guideline 5: Win people over to your way of thinking by dramatizing your ideas

Data gets you your target audience but won’t let you win the people, Emotions do.

It is thus essential to get the attention of your audience and make them visualize your product/services use case in an engaging way.

Take some use cases, point out the problem statement, and then fit how your services will ease their life in a cost-effective way. This is one of the examples. You can’t go straight to your audience with the use case, you need to learn the ropes and then act on that. This needs some understanding of the process and the tools necessary to achieve this. Speak to your audience in a creative way and address deeper concerns.

The golden rule to increasing your earning power is treat people how you wish to be treated. People like to feel important and that you are genuinely concerned about solving their problems. Use this power to your advantage in sales to influence people.

The Gist

When someone buys something, they make an agreement with the seller. The agreement comes up with unsaid bonds of trust and mutual respect. Dale Carnegie’s tips are on to build the layers strong so the customer won’t be able to resist you next time. Take a sincere effort in the lives of the customers, talk to them and be their buddy. Let them drop their guards and then you can enjoy the business with them. 

Learn more about such tips, in our workshop. There is a whole new world to enjoy.

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