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Sales and marketing teams can take a company so far, sales leaders can manage the team, and sales teams can keep key customers and prospect new clients. But for business leaders, they sometimes know this is not enough alone to put them at a competitive advantage.

We have been in the middle of a global pandemic and consumer behaviour has changed in the last year with the current crisis. Digital Marketing has shifted into our business strategy as consumer behaviour changes. Remote teams working became the norm and lead generation was done from home offices by the sales team.

Advanced analytics has shown consumer engagement and customer journeys through digital channels have risen. Emerging technologies means many companies could alter internal operations during the global pandemic to align with consumer behaviour.

Many global leader of large corporate companies now have to change their operating model to survive in business. Sales leaders and sales team using digital technologies and media partners to utilise sales channels to give them a competitive advantage.

How and Why to Become a Coach

Can I coach someone? Do I have what it needs to guide someone? We always tend to ask this question every time whenever we successfully navigate out of a situation.

We think we can help someone to be successful in life through our experience but then we stop ourselves from seeing the unknown situation ahead of us. Expert Empires in this article will discuss some of the aspects of coaching and how to convert this art form into a successful venture.

Coaching has more to do with motivation than the actual coaching itself, so we’re going to break down the process for easy grasp.

Inner Game: An Approach to Achieve the Success

The most difficult part of coaching is to figure out from where to start. The method of coaching as a coach is similar to the method of coaching a game, sport or a playing instrument: you have to be persistent doing study, learn, practice, repeat, and do it again. The same process stands for developing excellence whether in life or in business.

One of the ways which Expert Empires teaches in developing skill sets as a coach is to understand the Inner Game approach. In the Inner Game method, coaching can be defined as the facilitation of mobility.

It is the process of simulating a surrounding that fastens the process through which a person can step towards his goal in a step by step manner. Developed by Tim Galleway, the inner game is a recognized way of pushing people to overcome the constraints imposed on them from understanding the real potential.

It therefore always requires one important element that cannot be conveyed: Coaching requires caring about the person being coached.

To apply this approach to anyone, Expert Empires urge the novice coach to apply this fundamental to themselves. Once enlightened by this approach, a coach will have the confidence to impart this knowledge to his listeners.

The material of coaching comes mainly from experience and the coach is not going to give you solutions. A coach can only give the way to approach a problem. And in Expert Empires, we teach you how to catch the fish and you know the rest of the line.

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Coaching Essentials: To Grow your Business

Until now it is obvious that Coaching is not letting people know about your experiences. It is to categorise your listeners or clients situation into 4 parts. These 4 parts are the basics of the Coaching Model.

  • Define the Outcome
  • Analyze the Client’s scenario
  • Chart out the methods of approach
  • Guide the Actions 


In Expert Empires, we meticulously prepare the people for each part. We train them to categorize the situation and fit them in the Coaching Model. But before applying this, Expert Empires push people to start with a clean slate with these tips.

Set Crystal Clear Goals. 

Write your goals on a piece of paper. This is a bare minimum start. It’s not about your wishes or desires but about the things you really want from life. After this mark, timelines, need not an exact date but in how many you want to achieve this. This is the first step and should not be missed out on.

Take control of your life.

Think, plan and move ahead. Stop blaming the conditions, surrounding or people around you. If you want to be a coach, the aim should always be towards the end goal. be ready to make mistakes, learn from it and move ahead. The only option is to move ahead.

Formulate the plan and identify your niche.

Once we have goals in place, we need to work on how to achieve this. A high-level plan with a time to achieve is the first step towards success as a Coach. This plan needs continuous work on finding and developing your niche. Identify why the things you are going to tell people are different and what makes your ideas special.

A lot of determination and commitment to this plan will be needed and that Expert Empire will help you to achieve. We know how and when people get deflected from their plan and that is why we are leaders in this area.

Deepen your strengths.

Understanding your weaknesses and being cautious of them should not make you put a guard on your personality. Expert Empires strictly call to pay no attention to such things but instead pay more attention to increasing the strength of your niche. This will make you be more positive about yourself and you can spread the same to your followers. 

Hire an Expert

Get a mentor and trust the process. We all need guidance and someone to guide our course and correct our actions. Expert Empires started with an aim of empowering the people and providing a platform where coaches, consultants, business people come and take the lead. We are passionate about what we do, are you?

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Why can a coach be a leader?

Coaching is to free people from their own thinking and to maximize their performance. Who else does that? Yes, a Leader.

A leader gives guidance to a group of people. The leader navigates the people and acts as a compass when they get lost. The leader helps in making a decision and asks people to trust the process. To break the hurdles, businesses need leaders who steer the way and create a new path for the people to achieve success. Affected by the pandemic, businesses need leaders and coaches to motivate employees and to encourage them to achieve their peak performance. Expert Empires not only help in grooming you as a coach but also make you ready to be the leader.