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Build your people, build your business

This is a business saying that has helped motivate me to not give up on something that I was procrastinating on. I would tell myself, “I’m doing this for my company, so I just need to put in the work”.

The funny thing is, I would barely work on it. I thought that because of the idea this business saying created in my mind: “I’m doing this for my company”.

However, as time went on and as things started to look up; the saying then became: “Build your people, build your business”. This change in my mind changed everything.

Now when I procrastinate on something, my mind is in a different place. Now instead of putting off tasks, it’s actually helping me get them done because my “company” isn’t the only person I’m building up. It’s my employees and team members as well!

I’ve looked back at the past year and I’ve been able to see how much I’ve grown as an entrepreneur. My team members have even matured and become better employees. Now we all work together, not only for our own good, but for the company’s too!

So now when I’m procrastinating on something, instead of being a “procrastinator” I’m working towards improving the company and also my team members. Now, when I work on something for the company, it’s actually not just me that is benefiting from it; but everyone involved!