If you’re not satisfied with how the sales function operates and want to see it continuously improve, then ‘The Academy’ is the place for you to solidify your businesses future.

Sales Training Bristol

You may have attended some kind of sales training courses before, our sales skills training is about closing sales, how to manage that potential new client once they have made an enquiry or expressed an interest, clicked on your website, or passed you a business card at an event.

Have you contacted them but not really progressed with a sale?

Our sales training will provide you with the sales process skills and more confidence on how to close the sale and improve sales conversion, and how to speak with the decision maker. We have proven techniques that will help you to close more deals than you thought possible!


Sales Training

Skills training is important in any job role, but with sales management if you don’t learn the right sales skills you could be wasting a lot of time and money, and also burning a lot of leads. You need to fully understand your sales strategy in order to gain more business.

Your business sales strategy will have a direct impact on sales conversion rates at the same time. No matter what industry sectors you work in, sales skills will always be needed and always play a part in any business. We all have something to sell!

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During this one-day training course, you will learn the skills you need to close more prospects than you do currently.



Our Level 4 Accredited Sales skills Training teaches you how to turn prospects from cold to sold by taking them from the prospect to the sale stage.



To learn the Elite way of closing sales, we offer sales skills training workshops at our academy.

"I've been working with the Elite Closing Academy now for about 9 months and found the whole experience really rewarding and of huge benefit to my business." ​Ian Watson
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Helping you turn more of your leads into paying customers


This challenges all standard sales techniques and processes:

  • Your attitude to ​Serving, Selling and Closing
  • Your understanding of the difference between Serving, Selling and Closing
  • The Prospecting Journey: How to get rid of features and benefits selling and earn the right to ask a closing question.


Having an energy and level of thinking that’s different to nearly all salespeople out there right now.

Ingraining in your mind a process to follow regardless of what happens: ​Becoming Purposeful, Professional, Persistent


This challenges all standard sales techniques and processes:

WHAT to say and not say and WHEN

How to ask word-class questions that help you get to the truth, without dwelling on surface-level ‘problems’ that don’t exist!

How to avoid bringing ‘NO’ into play (known as the 5 W’s & an H)

PLUS:​ how to read body language, ensuring all verbal and non-verbal communication is covered


Deep dive 3 elite techniques that – when mastered and utilised on a day-to-day basis – get better results.

Learn things that you can begin implementing immediately as a direct result of this training.


Have something to fall back on by knowing what to say to take them onto the logical next step to get them the result you know they need. Walk away with a bespoke script for the very next time you deal with a hot qualified lead.

As a business in Bristol, do you know how to close more sales?

Do you understand what Bristol businesses want and what services you can provide them with to solve their problems and make their life easier?

What can you serve them with to solve their problems?

Do you want to improve your sales conversion?

Many individuals and businesses spend a lot of quality time trying to generate leads and close in on sales, with the techniques from our sales skills courses and training you will save so much time and be confident in your ability to get the decision you need to close a sale.

Our Elite Closing Academy provides unique training to give you the knowledge and tools to take your sales to the next level.

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If you’re not satisfied with how the sales function operates and want to see it continuously improve, then ‘The Academy’ is the place for you to solidify your businesses future.

Our Academy is perfect for anyone who is:

A Speaker or Trainer

Do you want to increase sales at the back of the room by fully engaging your audience?

Property Investors

If you’re not satisfied with how the sales function operates and want to see it continuously improve, then ‘The Academy’ is the place for you to solidify your businesses future.

Coaches and Consultants

Who want to overcome the fear of the sales conversation and close more clients on a regular basis.

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"What an amazing way of looking at the sales and closing process! I've been working with Matt and the team now for 9 months, and it truly is a great experience!." Michael Nagles

If there is one thing ALL of our clients have in common, it is their opinion on our TEAM here at Elite Closing Academy.

We are very proud of our team and the feedback we receive from our clients. They are there to help you in every way possible to help you identify what your business needs to move it forward with its sales account management processes.

We are here to ensure your sales conversion rates improve, and give you the confidence and techniques to take your business forward and grow.

Elite Closing Academy Team


Get the full low-down on the Elite Closing Members Academy, our different annual programmes and on-going elite closing training and support.


Sales skills training in Bristol.

Bristol is a city straddling the River Avon in the southwest of England with a long history of maritime activity. Formerly a city-centre port, the city’s harbourside stands as a cultural hub with a museum exploring local industrial and social history. Restaurants, shops, and cultural institutions such as The Arnolfini are now located in the harbour’s 19th-century warehouses. Elite Closing Academy provide Sales training courses for businesses in Bristol.



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Sales Training Courses in Bristol

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