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Sales Team Consultation

Do you need to get your entire team aligned around a sales process and strategy that works?


If you’re a business owner with a sales team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and performing well at all times can be overwhelming.

Here at the Elite Closing Academy, our sales team meet every day and train consistently to help each other maintain a common strategy that aligns with the company values.

If you’ve noticed that your sales team has become disconnected from the company values and they’re lacking a common strategy to follow, these problems can be solved in just ONE day with a Sales Team Consultation.

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You and your team will get the opportunity to work directly with Matt Elwell here at HQ for a day, to discover exactly how to keep your conversions and revenue high and your customers connected and well served.

Specifically, Matt will help you and your team identify areas for improvement and provide customised solutions to drive results.

Here’s an idea of what the day will look like:


In addition to this, you’ll also be entitled to two 45 minute Zoom calls with Matt:

1. Pre Sales Team Consultation

30 days before your Sales Team Consultation, you’re entitled to a private 45 minute Zoom call with Matt to identify what’s going well and exactly what you and your team need to work on in order to make the consultation as beneficial as possible.

2. Post Sales Team Consultation

30 days after your Sales Team Consultation, we’ll then schedule a debrief call with Matt to discuss what’s gone well, the results you’ve achieved since the consultation and what you’re aiming to achieve going forward.