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Not understanding the ‘serve, sell, close cycle’ is ​the biggest fundamental flaw most businesses have, and they don’t even know it exists!

Let me explain…

Too Much Serving 

These are businesses that give an incredible amount of value, but they’re reluctant to tell their audience about their products and services. Consequently, they don’t make the sales they should, and therefore their businesses are unsustainable.

Too Much Selling

These are businesses that provide little or no value before asking for the sale. They rush into the sales conversation, a bit like a bull in a china shop. You know the ones I mean.

Can’t Close

This is the worst and the most widespread, and also the easiest to solve. Because these businesses have served and sold. They’ve got everything lined up and in place. But when it comes to the crunch. That moment where you have to ask for the money… they just CAN’T CLOSE!

And so people are leaving money on the table left, right, and centre (and under it too!).

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Over serving leaves clients

HOLD BACK (held back)


hard selling means you are trying to get a result for you and not them



if you don’t do the deal the situation is left open and they still have the problem that they came to you to solve and you have a customer that should be a paying client but isn’t.


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Using Your Heart and Your Head…

Great sales and closing must involve two key things; Logic and emotion. When both are integrated, magic happens.

Over 90% of salespeople around the world are totally fixed on getting their own results, commission, money satisfaction and spend lots of time either overselling logically or trying to use persuasion or too much emotion to hard sell. (HEAD)

Asking powerful questions, well thought through, that have the best interest of both parties at heart from the beginning of the customer’s journey, is the only way to link both logic and emotion in a prospect ending in the perfect sweet spot. C.Y.C – The close yourself cycle. (HEART)

It becomes effortless to take the totally logical next step for the prospect who wishes to purchase your product or service that they believe will solve problems or get them even better results.

A win for them, a win for you and a win for the universe.

Asking Powerful Questions…

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World-class selling = asking powerful questions that have an outcome to the possibility of both parties working together either now or in the future.

Bad selling = talking and telling (features and benefits sales)

We spend a huge amount of time in the ECA creating a language culture that begins by mastering one key thing. Questions that DO NOT bring ‘no’ into play.

We also follow the P.U.N.T system when prospecting and that’s about finding out the real pains and challenges that your prospect has that your

Product duct or service might possibly solve

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Knowing You Can’t Lose…

Once you learn the art of always closing the logical next step and that can include ‘unsubscribing’ a prospect to clean up your pipeline a new winning mentality sets in.

When every time you have a conversation, create an online contact or communicate with your prospects stay focussed on one of the 4 prospecting outcomes


  1. Yes – we’re in (close)
  2. Yes but we need more information (sell)
  3. Not at this moment (serve)
  4. No (serve and clean up your pipeline)


You will soon have the cleanest pipeline in the land, meaning you only communicate, love, nurture and sell to prospects that qualify for either wanting or needing your solutions.