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Level 3 Accredited Sales Accelerator Training

The fully Accredited Level 3 Sales Accelerator one day training is designed to give you the fundamental skills required to start closing more of your prospects than your current approach allows.

If you are in any way involved in closing sales for either your own business, or the company you work for and you have leads or prospects in your pipeline, then the Sales Accelerator is all but guaranteed to increase your sales just the exercise in crafting your ‘Golden Question’.

Who is the Accredited Sales Accelerator training for?

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What will you get from the training?

Accredited Sales Accelerator Agenda

Session 1: Introduction and Outcomes

Discover what the day is going to look like and how you can maximise your participation and get the most out of your training.

Strongest Reason

First off, we discuss what your specific reason is for being at the training and what it is you’re looking to achieve by improving your sales process and ultimately the results you get.

Session 2: Knowing The Process

Elite Closing Principles
This session is all about giving you the overview of what a proven sales process looks like and how you can easily identify where each and every single one of your current prospects sit.

The reason for this important opening is because you must follow certain (very different) steps depending on the part of the sales journey your prospect is.

Using the incorrect conversation technique and tactics in the wrong part of the process simply kills your conversions – even when they are super hot and ‘should’ buy!

From this session alone, you’ll understand how to approach the conversation whether a prospect doesn’t even know you, all the way up to them being a perfect fit for what you offer.

5 Step Formula
During this session you’re going to get everything you need to begin crafting your own sales process that is guaranteed to outperform your current one.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this section of the day:

Overcoming objections

Scripts and how to use the right one

The 3 A’s

The Bullseye Technique

The Flip Back

Neutral vs outcome questions

The 3 P’s

The powers of possibility thinking

The SSC circle

The prospecting journey

Session 3: Overcoming Objections and Stalls

This session is all about that inevitable moment when a prospect says…

“I’d love to but I can’t afford it”
“It’s not the right time for me right now”
“I need to check with my partner before committing”
“I’ve not got the budget available for the rest of the year”

The list continues!

So, during this invaluable part of the training, you’re going to learn a number of techniques that will help you overcome any, and all, objections and stalls you face.

During the session you’ll discover:

The difference between an objection and a stall and how to handle each
The number one technique for overcoming ALL stalls
How to know when to move on and when to stop
And much more

Session 4: Understanding the role of natural human behaviour in sales

During this session you’ll discover exactly why certain things happen during sales interactions – both from a prospects perspective and your own.

Specifically we’re going to be digging into the ancient brain and you’re going to discover:

Exactly where fear lives in human beings
How to understand what situations create fear and what to do to avoid them
How to ensure your prospect feels part of the process and not a target for pushy sales
When to know the right time to go for the close, or indeed pull back completely
How to completely eliminate fear for you prospect, you and anyone else involved in the process
How assumptions and presumptions kill sales before you’ve even started

Session 5: The language of success

This powerful session is not only going to adapt your language when it comes to sales, but also in your everyday life.

A huge part of being an elite closer is the language you use – after all, great salesmanship is asking powerful questions and listening, not talking!

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘gift of the gab’ is NOT actually useful when it comes to sales, in fact, it massively hinders results.

During this session, you’re going to find out how adjusting the words you use, can (and will) have a dramatic impact on your results.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

The 6 words that will change your life forever
Vision seeds and what yours is
How to identify and replace neutral questions
Understanding how the red and green world works in sales
How to adapt your marketing language to increase leads and conversions

Session 6: Your golden question

This final content session is designed for one thing only; to create your bespoke Golden Question.

During this session, here’s you’ll discover about a Golden Question:

What it actually is
How to know the right time to use it
What to do once you’ve said the words
What techniques to use once the prospect has answered
And finally…
Crafting your own bespoke Golden Question and sharing with the group

Session 7: Live role play and Q&A

The final session of the fully accredited training is your opportunity to put into practice what you learned.

We’ll spend time doing live role play with each other and if you’re brave enough, you can call someone in your pipeline live in the room, and get coached through the call.

To end the training we’ll spend as much time as required to answer all of your questions, so you don’t leave with any confusion or hindering thoughts.

Course fees and booking information

Fee: This accredited training course is free, and because it’s free, the limited seating (30 people max) gets booked up quickly.

To avoid people booking seats and not showing up, therefore making other people miss out, we ask for a £99 fully refundable deposit to secure your place.

Upon attendance, the £99 will be refunded to you immediately.

Times: 9:30 – 4:30

Location: Elite Closing Academy Training Centre, Shadowbrook Court, B92 0DL

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Included in the training

Pre training alignment call
Tea, coffee and water throughout the day
IAPC&M level 3 certificate of completion

How to book

To see the next available dates and to book on to the Sales Accelerator:

Go to eliteclosingacademy.com/eca-sales-accelerator-sm
Or call Joe Kenny on 07446 266143