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How To Stay Motivated In Sales

Sales Motivation

In this, video we’re going to look at how you can increase your sales motivation – How to stay motivated in sales

Hi, I’m Matt Elwell of the Elite Closing Academy. Today, we’re going to look at…… How do you increase your motivation in sales? Well, I think firstly, you’ve got to remember what motivation actually means, it’s like something that causes you to act and remember its emotional, its cognitive, its behavioral patterns, biological, things that you do when you act that’s what motivation is. So, I think firstly, if you’re a professional salesperson and you work for somebody else, then I think the first thing you’ve got to do is check-in with yourself about what led you to want to work for that company? What good does it do in your community? What good does it do? Who does it support? Who does it help if you’re the owner? And you created this company, ask yourself the same questions like, when I decided to create the company? What was my strongest reason for doing it to check in first and foremost, with what’s underneath your business? Your real reasons, of course, it should be.

Financial businesses are meant to make money. We are meant to create wealth, emotional wealth, financial wealth so that we can do good things in our communities. So, I think first and foremost, the first thing you must do is realize what motivation is. It is what causes you to act if you’re spending more time, emailing people, instead of actually speaking to them, using your voice that was given to you as a gift, if you’re always looking at what was said six months ago, instead of focusing on what needs to be said now.

It’s time for you to reconnect with your strongest reason for doing what you do, and the thing that works for me really well two things here. The first thing is whenever my motivations a little bit lower than it should be, which, to be honest, is not very often these days, because I’m focused on spreading the Elite Closing Academy formula. I’m focused on spreading the open with close philosophy that’s in my book. If you haven’t got by the way, you can just click a link, it’s called open with a close, you get a free copy anytime. But, the point is that actually, if there is a motivational issue, if the causes that normally get you to act and not where they should be, you’ve got to explore what that actually means – and the thing that works really nicely for me, is if I don’t find the motivation if I don’t move towards those that want or need what we do, whos going to suffer what problems they going to have? That really helps my team and me act, its a cause to act again to move towards, and I think that’s a really important part, and then the other thing is just to remind yourself of like all of the reasons why you put yourself through being a salesperson like sales, is not easy, there’s rejection, like you, have to speak to strangers, you have to be like batted off and pushed away and its a choice to be in sales, so what is your strongest reason for doing what you do when you chose to be a professional salesperson? like what made you make the choice? What caused you, what motivated you to make the choice, so these are all really good things to remind yourself.

Then there’s three critical things on a day-to-day basis that we use and teach in the elite closing academy, structure and formula. The three ps is a mindset. Think about the word mindset it’s a mindset, a choice, if you like, I think better words for mindset, a lot of attitude, and energy. Like your energy, your attitude, the way you choose to think, and what you choose to believe is down to you and there’s nothing outside of you. Apart from blunt force, it can actually change the way you feel, which is a really powerful thing to have as a professional salesperson. So look here’s three things that are easy to remember that enable you to stay right on top of your sales motivation and they’re called three P’s I’m going to share them with you right now.

The 3 P’s

Number One: The first P is Purposefulness – Every salesperson on this planet must have purposefulness and I think it’s quite interesting. I think the opposite of what purposefulness is and I think, the opposite of being purposefully useless is like if you operate a seven out of ten energy, if you don’t have great skills, if you dont regularly top up your training. If you’re not connected to that, then you will end up being useless. You’ll end up being a 35 000 pounds a year salesperson who moves from one job to another who, never really winning you’re always losing, and I get that. I understand it: I’ve been around in the past, I’ve been around that kind of sales. People they’re good people, but they fail. The bottom line is they’re useless at sales. They’ve got a sales job, but they’re, not particularly good at Sales and I don’t want that to be mean, and I don’t want that to be you. The first thing to do is to get a pen and paper and ask yourself when you’re being purposeful as a professional salesperson. What are the top five things that you do, the top five things that you don’t do, or the top five things that you think about doing or the top five things that you know, you should do like picking up the phone instead of sending emails? For example, whenever you’ve had great success in sales, whenever your business has been bringing money in effortlessly, what was going well, what was the setup? What emotional and biological behaviors were you repeating? What were you doing, like? Maybe you’re going to bed early, maybe you’re getting up early but start with five just write, five down to start with always saying: look: what are the five mental things that you do when things are going well, what are the five physical things that you do when you’re going? Well, what are the five verbal things that you do when you’re? What questions are you asking I’m looking to for you right now to be really personal, get a pen and paper and build a picture of the things that you do when things are going well that create a purposefulness to your sales performance.

Sales Training

The second P is a very simple word, it’s its world, renowned, its the word professional, see when you’re, purposeful and professional, which means that you’re not being the opposite professional, which is unprofessional again. What are the top five things that you or your team do? That is super professional. What are they? get them on a wall get them on a piece of paper. What are the five things you do when you’re being Purposeful? what are the five things you’re doing when you’re being professional and hone in on those things. This is how you motivate yourself. This is how you stay emotionally, biologically, and cognitively totally focused in terms of behavior to make sure that you’re causing you and your team are causing action. Moving towards all these things, not away so important that you are aware of what good looks like what professional looks like in your team? How punctual are you, how committed are you to training, how committed are you to practicing training there’s, so many things just start with five: keep it really simple when you’re being super professional, what are the top five things you do as a professional salesperson.

The last P, and certainly not the least, is The word persistent, you see great salespeople elite closers, operate in their mind from a place of purposefulness professionalism, and persistency, and again think about the word or the opposite of the word persistent, it is inconsistent and anybody that’s inconsistent in anything that sells doesn’t succeed. Think about your follow-up, like so many businesses, almost half of businesses never even follow up. Well, that creates inconsistency when the word inconsistency is around a sale, I’m afraid it never ever leads to getting sales consistently. What we’re looking to do is write down five things when you’re being purposeful, professional, and persistent. What are the five things you do? Number one should be your follow-up and you have a system to follow up that’s the number one thing you must have: a follow-up to every single lead or every single opportunity that comes in what is the follow-up like? How often do you make the follow-up? How many contact points are there in a follow-up, if you’re, just somebody that sends on email I’ve got some bad news: 85 of emails, never land going to spam. Don’t get read so I’m like don’t, be the company that just sends on email and if you don’t hear from someone you’re, oh wow, they get back to us it’s over to them. That is not being persistent, it’s being inconsistent, and remember its a minimum of five contact points around the globe before a business is actually ready to actually make a purchase so think about the three Ps when they are put together purposefulness, professionalism and persistency, and when those three are in a triangle, you’ll find that you are constantly looking at what action you should take. What actions you must take as an individual as a group to create amazing, closing and sales systems and processes that work every time, purposefulness, professionalism, consistency!

If you’d like to get your copy of this book, where we go through all of the things that we’ve just covered in the video and more ill give you 12 simple points to close more deals. Every time, then click on the link below and well get your free copy over to you straight away. If you’ve enjoyed this video or any of the content in it, all you’ve got to do is click the link to subscribe to my channel and ping. The notification bell so that you get lots more free training.

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