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In this video Im going to show you the top three sales objections that I hear all over the place right here right now and, more importantly, how you overcome them.

My name is Matt Elwell of the Elite Closing Academy. If this is the first time, you’ve listened to this video press the subscribe button and hit the notification bell and I’ll be sure to make sure that you can get all of the additional training available on this channel and during this video I’m gonna give you the three key objections that we hear all the time and more importantly, how do you overcome them?

The three absolute key objections that I hear just about everywhere. I go in just about every single industry.

“Ah, I haven’t got enough time”

“I haven’t got enough money “

“I need to speak to my business partner”

The technique that you must use to overcome these standard objections, and let me just be clear: these are not really objections They’re pauses, their stalls well let’s call them objections for now. So the skill that you need to learn to overcome these is called the three As the first A stands for AGREE, this disarms anybody who throws something like a stall at you, so let’s give you an example:

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“I’d absolutely love to go ahead, but I just haven’t got the time” that is a standard stall in the world of sales. So the first thing you must do is go. Of course, time is a problem, or I understand that your pushed for time, so I try and mirror. In fact, I don’t try, I mirror the words that they’ve used so if somebody says I’d love to go ahead, but I just haven’t got the time I won’t agree I’d say “I totally understand you haven’t got the time” This is actually really disarming for people because think about the opposite. What do most salespeople do here when I haven’t got their tonality changes? They speed up, they get a little bit flustered, and what happens to your energy? What happens to you – and this is at MIT – it feels a bit uncomfortable, so the thing to do is going to a complete and total and utter position of agreement totally understand that time is a problem that’s the first thing. The next thing you have to do is a piece and I’m going to use the third thing here because this happens quite quickly, and I want you to see how quickly it actually happens. So the last part is accelerate and that’s accelerate into whatever it is that you decided to do at the very beginning of the call or the face-to-face situation or exchange that you have in.

So if you want to close somebody and they start off, and they say you know, let me give you let me just go into a live role-play so you know……..

“Why is that Mr Smith?”

“yeah whos that?”

“this is Matthew from the elite closing Academy”

“Oh hi Matthew”

“the reason for the call today is to get you booked onto my two-day training a couple of weeks”

“Ah, I absolutely love to but I’m a bit strapped for time at the moment”

“I understand you’re strapped for time so I’m going to get right to the point. What are you doing on the 26th and 27th of April?”

And I just accelerate into a closing question, that’s a really good example of how you agree to appease and accelerate. Now you need to use this exact process for all of the objections all of the stalls I’d love to, but I’m too busy Id love to but it’s more than I want to spend Id love to, but I haven’t got the time all of them follow a great appease and accelerate, and I need to make this clear. It all depends on where you are in the sales process as to what the acceleration is. If you’re at the very beginning of the process, then this accelerate question is a prospecting question such as “I understand you’re busy. So let me ask you”

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The question: “what would be a good time for us to speak about X, Y Zed” that’s, a really good example at the beginning, if it a close in a close they’re expecting the call it’s a hot qualified lead, you’ve locked the call back down, and they know You’re gonna call, and they just chuck in a standard stall “I’m in a meeting at the moment, give us a call back at 7:00” “cause you’re in a meeting at the moment. I understand how busy is so let me get to the point: how many tickets do you want pre-event whats, the 16 digits across your card I’m, just gonna get you booked in now” For some of you listening to this, you might be thinking wow. That was a little bit get to the point. This is the point. If you are in a closing conversation, this acceleration must be towards the close.

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